Initial Contact

~ I don't accept any last minute bookings for any new clients - minimum 24hrs advanced notice must be provided


~ Upon Initial contact please be polite, I respect you so I wish the same in return

~ SMS or email only, I do not return missed calls or answer private calls. If you would like to talk please SMS first so we can organise a time.

~ Please do not send me any photos, your looks do not concern me, I am more interested in your personality, a photo of your dick shown's just that, Therefore you will be put on my blacklist!

~ Please be specific with what you are looking for so I can prepare myself. Some services take more preparation before and recovery after, so I like to take my time to be prepared


~ All first time clients are required to provide a reference, deposit, or ID.

~ A 20% deposit is required for all outcalls, first time clients, and all touring bookings, a $500 deposit is required for all pro submissive bookings

~ Deposits are non- refundable if you cancel, to cover administrative time, and additional travel and accommodation. Non-touring deposits may be transferred to another date if you cancel with more than 48hrs notice. Touring Deposits are only rescheduled prior to 1 week of the booking date, or at my discretion. 

~ I cannot offer some experiences on short notice so please plan ahead.

Preparing for our time together

~ If you have stubble please respect that I may not be able to kiss you or receive DATY for very long.


~ Please bring the correct donation amount, I do not accept transfers or credit card payments unless received prior to the booking. If there is a possibility for an extension please inform me prior and bring the correct fee

During our encounter

~ Please leave your donation in plain view on any surface when you arrive - I will not acknowledge this, however I will take notice.


~ You will be required to shower commencing any booking, I will be freshly showered prior to the booking.

~ I can be hypersensitive, to ensure you do not cause me any pain please refrain from biting my lips, grazing your teeth on any part of me, and gauge my sensitivity level before putting any pressure on sensitive areas (clit and nipples)

~ Being discreet is very important! During dinner date/companionship bookings no heavy affection is to be show. If we are required to meet in a lobby please try to be discreet.

~ I do not 'party' during bookings, I do not take drugs, however I am open to having drinks for overnight and extended bookings. I am open to you to 'partying' a little if you warn me prior, however if I do not feel safe or comfortable, or if you are heavily under the influence I will end the booking. I will not perform anything that may require consent (sexual or BDSM) if I can see your noticeably under the influence of either drugs or alcohol

~ Please let me know if there is a possibility that you would like an extension prior to the booking, so I can allow some extra time. Please bring correct fee with you.


Where are you located & is there parking?

In Adelaide I am located outer CBD, with 2 hour daytime street parking, 3 hour daytime parking within a 5 minute walk, or unlimited outside business hours parking, there is also paid parking and a tram drop off within 5 minutes walk. While touring I choose accommodation within 10 minutes from the CBD depending on the location.

~ Are you Available now?

I do not accept last minute booking from new clients - a minimum 24hrs notice must be given. I do however save a few spots specifically for clients who I have seen before, or have been pre-screened. I do offer pre-screening for any new client who cannot book in advance - feel free to ask me how.

Will you tour to my city?

I plan my tours around social events interstate, or around larger interstate bookings, If I have a large number of enquiries for a certain city I will plan a tour. I am happy to visit you for a minimum 4 hr out call booking plus travel costs ($200-$1000 depending on location and notice)

Do you offer discounts?

Please do not try to negotiate my rates, they are very fair for what I offer! If a price increase occurs you will always be charged the same rates as your initial booking (for the same service) if you have (or attempted to have) a booking within the last 3 months. 

Do you offer exchanges?

No. I don't really need anything enough for me to exchange services for. Please do not offer me exchanges as I feel this is disrespectful.

Are your photos real?

Yes! My professional photos are very slightly touched up but I also have my selfie gallery with a variety of un-touched up photos and videos.

Can you visit me?

For safety and security reasons all out-call locations must be either in at Glenelg or CBD! Some exclusions apply for companionship only bookings which are open for negotiation, and for clients I have seen multiple times before if located within 20 minutes for my incall room at my discretion.

Do you accept gifts?

This is a question I have been hesitant to put up. First I NEVER expect anything more than your fee, courteousness and manners, but If YOU feel you want to give me a gift I am happy to accept.

Do you accept gifts?

This is a question I have been hesitant to put up. First I NEVER expect anything more than your fee, courteousness and manners, but If YOU feel you want to give me a gift I am happy to accept.

Do you offer greek?

What I have to offer is quiet extensive. As I enjoy everything I offer please do not push my limits by asking for services I do not offer. This includes natural full service, anal (on me), scat, extreme pain, public sex and bestiality. I have a good reason for not enjoying any of these.

Do you like reviews?

Absolutely. I never expect them but it is nice to know you are so happy with our time together that you would take the time to write a review!

Are you discreet?

As much as I can be. I NEVER give out any information that you provide to me and protect your identity as much as I can. As I am quiet recognizable from my tattoos any out calls may draw attention but I am happy to hide your identity if needed. To cover tattoos I do have derma-blend so if you would like a public date and for me to hide my tattoos please let me know!

If I see you in public I will never approach you, but it is hard for me to protect your identity in public If I am with friends/family who know about my profession so bare that in mind if you approach me in public without previous discussions.